Green Clips: The Week in Green Film

November 28th, 2008 by FilmGreener | Filed under Green Clips.

This week we gave thanks for our family and friends who came together yesterday to have a remarkably stress-free holiday. Today in our inaguaral “Green Clips” post, we give thanks to our friends in the blogosphere who are fighting for green causes by highlighting some posts we bookmarked this week as being related to our goal here of encouraging a greener film and television industry, and a greener planet in general. Here we go!

The Great White Way is going green! Broadway, another arm of the massive entertainment industry in the US, is launching a massive green initiative. [GreenBiz]

Universal Studios adds solar powered electric carts to its studio lots, allowing folks to cruise from soundstage to soundstage emissions-free. Awesome! [ecorazzi]

GreenPeace releases its latest guide to green electronics. Nokia is close to scoring a 10 on their meter. Apple, unfortunately, is still behind. [Unplugged]

Greenhouse, a club in New York, is proving that parties can be green too, with LED lighting and high-efficiency heating and air. Maybe a greener Broadway will throw their parties there? [Environmental Leader]

Barack Obama plans to green the White House by getting its energy efficiency evaluated. We look forward to seeing the changes he makes to consume less power at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Talk about setting an example! [ecorazzi]

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